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Universidade Federal do Ceará
Programa de Pós-Graduação em Engenharia de Teleinformática

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Laboratory of the Signal and Information Processing Research Group – GPSI

Description: The Signal and Information Processing Research Group (GPSI) works on following research lines: (i) Signal Processing for Communications – project and analysis of signal processing strategies for communications systems; (ii) Information Processing – project and analysis of methods of signal processing for information systems, such as biomedical and geophysical systems; and (iii) Information Geometry – proposal and analysis of non-Euclidean methods for the evaluation of probability spaces and their applications. Some of the group’s problems of interest are the following: project of transceivers for communications, synthesis and analysis of information systems, machine learning, biomedical signal processing, signal statistical processing, information geometry, among others.


Team: The Group has 11 Dr researchers, from which 9 are Professors at the PPGETI, besides the participation of 15 graduate students involved with the topics of interest of the group.


Location: Building 725 (CT)


Contacts: Charles Casimiro Cavalcante (charles@ufc.br)

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