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Universidade Federal do Ceará
Programa de Pós-Graduação em Engenharia de Teleinformática

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Laboratory of Vision, Image and Signals – LabVIS of the Signal Processing Research Group (GPI)

Description: The Research Group on Information Image Processing (GPI) works on the following research lines: (i) Synthetic aperture radar image processing; (ii) Remote sensing by satellite images;  (iii) Content-based image retrieval; (iv) Medical image processing (e.g.: human eye retina, mammography); (v) Inverse problems in geophysics and medicine; (vi) Seismic and medical tomography; (vii) SAR data modeling and statistical processing, (viii) Enhanced stochastic distances and evaluation of processing quality; (ix) Computational vision.


Team: The GPI currently includes 15 doctors who work on their research lines. Among these, 5 graduated at the Group: 1 researcher (coordinator) from the PPGETI, 1 collaborator from the PPGETI, and the others belong to Federal and State Higher Education Institutions; 1 researcher is from the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory-EUA; the others belong to other research institutions.


Location: Building 725 (CT)


Contacts: Fátima Neusizeuma Sombra De Medeiros (fsombra@ufc.br)

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